Imħabba Bla Qies

Is-sorijiet, bħala nies li ssagrifikaw kollox għall-missjoni, kienu xempju ċar ta’ xi tfisser imħabba bla qies, u din hija kwalità li ma tistax ma tammirax…

A New Perspective

They taught me how to love in a way I had never loved before – they filled my heart with such joy!


It had been a number of years since I wanted to carry out a voluntary work experience outside Europe but it was only last year that I managed to put up my application to join the Ethiopia voluntary work experience, a decision that I will never regret.  Stepping out of the airport that night, I…


I grew up hearing my parents’ stories about voluntary work during their days at sixth form. Looking back, these stories were probably the primary reason why I chose to apply for Naples when the opportunity presented itself last year. From a very young age, I had decided that I too wanted my chance at helping…

Is-Sorijiet! Il-aħwa!

Wasal ukoll il-ħin li kelli niltaqa’ mat-tfal li kienu jattendu dan is-summer camp. Ma nistax ngħid li l-lingwa kienet barrier ghax it-Taljan nifhmu u nitkellmu sew, iżda… Click to Continue Reading